The Grand Canyon

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the magnificence and awesomeness of the Grand Canyon it supersedes logic. It defies understanding and amplifies the insignificance of who we are in the grand scheme of life on this earth.

Its mere size is breathtaking, its depth is unprecedented and the feeling you get as you’re standing on the edge looking down or over to the other side with the crisp wind blowing on your face with a touch of light rain is an experience like no other. Just marvelous.

So, for only $79.00 per person, we purchased a tour of the South Rim. It included a pickup at our hotel at 7am on a very nice luxury bus and driver guide who told of the most important aspects of the tour. Our first stop was the architectural marvel Hoover Dam, considered by many to be the 7th engineering wonder of the world.

As we continued our drive through the rugged desert wilderness on our way to the Grand Canyon, my expectations and anxiety of getting there were as grand as the canyon itself. The driver-guide was funny and had marvellous stories to tell on the way. It was a pleasant drive, but I don’t think I would have wanted to drive a car myself personally. It’s always nice to be driven.

When we arrived, I felt like a little kid with a bat, ball and glove eager to get to the field and play ball, I rushed through the ticket office, the gate and the gift shop and headed straight to see what was all this hype about the Grand Canyon that everyone bragged about, and just when I saw it, I knew right away.


It is 270 miles long; it is up to 18 miles wide and one mile deep. The Canyon walls contain a timeline of Earth’s history. It is in the State of Arizona; it covers well over 1 million acres of land and it receives over 5 million visitors every year. With its overwhelming size and its intricate colorful landscape, it is no wonder why it is considered a National Treasure and one of the most beautiful places on earth.

As I said, in the beginning I find it very difficult to find the right words to describe the sensation of standing in front of this marvelous piece of land. Pictures don’t give it justice either. See it for yourself and you will understand.

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